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Yvonne Orengo website re-design case study


I am not allowed to use/share any of Yvonne's web data on any third-party sites in any way, furthermore I am not allowed to use their name without their permission, and I should respect the copyright of their content. I did acquire written permission from Yvonne to create this case study and to display it on my web portfolio.

Thank you Yvonne, :)


Yvonne Orengo is the director of Andrew Lees Trust Charity. This case study is aimed to redesign / refresh her website. www.orengo.co.uk


Yvonne Orengo is a well-respected individual within several international communities therefore her website should reflect this.


Overall redesign of the UI with emphasis on UX, which the current website lacks.


I started with research and study. After few initial hands drawn mock ups I established a direction. Using FIGMA app, I created some low fidelity elements just to get the feel of the project. When I was happy with the flow and the feel, I finished the relevant pages in low and high fidelity style.

Producing the final version was a great fun for me, as I know Yvonne personally and while I was working on her site, I was constantly reminded of her charismatic personality.

Landing page

Design guides and principles

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Nav bar and footer
Nav Bar interaction example

The tree stages of the design process, side by side

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