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Kala – Mobile photo taking App concept case study

This idea came to me while I was traveling and I wanted to take a picture every day, to document my trip. But as the days pass and as my schedules became more and more hectic, the daily photo taking get worse as well.

Kala is a Mobile App which allows you to set up a daily reminder for regular photo taking. Once you create a month worth of photos Kala can morph them together to a neat GIF file for you to upload to Twitter or Facebook.


As a completely made up idea, I had to create the entire concept from scratch, with the whole picture in mind.

Branding wise, I made a Logo and established the Colour scheme.

The word Kala means time in Sanskrit. To make it work for this concept I included a camera shutter in to Logo design.

Some basic logo idea drawings
and some more...
Early concepts

and the winner is...

UX wise, I started with creating a User Persona which followed some basic research.

User Persona

I enjoyed designing the UI based on the Wireframes, as this is where things start to formulate more clearly.


The overall process of creating something form an idea is the greatest inspiration for me.

UI layout

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