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Cafe Frei Mobile App Case study


As a costumer myself of this fine establishment, I decided to create a Mobile app concept to help visitors and patrons with a different choosing experience and a faster mobile check out process.


Cafe Frei is an international coffee house chain therefore the UI /UX should appeal to multiple regions, languages and cultures.


I wanted to create an easy to use, choose, read reviews, buy, pay and rate App all in a single UI for mobile phone.


My user persona for this project was myself, as I am a regular customer of Cafe Frei in Szolnok, Hungary. The experience I have during my visits prompted me to imagine a better checkout process. Research of various mobile check out processes and other shopping Apps was followed by a brief pen and paper innuendo. Wireframe and final designs was a challenge to me as this App should be easy to use and understand in every country where Cafe Frei is present. I envision a corresponding iPad Checkout App for the Stores, where the local staff will receive the orders form the establishments patrons sitting in their seats and using Cafe Frei Mobile App.

Wireframe set

Cafe Frei Mobile App concept

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