A little about me. 

Zoltan Seres

I am a versatile creative person who loves interacting with people and technology.
After I finished my studies I started developing myself in trades and crafts of multimedia and interactive design. Everything I achieved so far is due to me being autodidact and my dedication and passion. I like creating visual communications and I like the sense of achievement when I see clients positive reaction to my work. My involvement with high profile clients has taught me to be a careful listener, critical thinker and valuable asset in variety of different projects. I specialise in delivering first class Mobile platform sketches, mock-ups and wire-frames, UI design, clickable prototypes, Interactive designs IxD, UI icon design, user research and UX case studies. My 9 years as a Creative Trainer within Apple helped me progress my technical skills and deepen my understanding and vision for pure design and user experience.

Due to the nature of some of my work, I had to sign an NDA with many of my clients. Nevertheless I have a humble portfolio here for you to view.
If you want to see the full length UI projects and UX case studies and want to hear my reasoning and decision making during these projects, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Tools and skills:
Figma, Principle, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator